Consumer Loan Rates

Annual Percentage Rates as of March 4, 2020

New Car/Van/SUV

Term (Maximum) Annual Percentage Rate
36 Months 3.25%
48 Months 3.25%
60 Months 3.25%

Used Car/Van/SUV*

Term (Maximum) Annual Percentage Rate
24 Months* 3.50%
36 Months* 3.50%
48 Months* 3.50%
60 Months* 3.50%

*Maximum loan term is based upon used vehicle model year.

Used Model Year* Maximum Term
2014 & 2015 24 Months
2016 & 2017 36 Months
2018 & 2019 48 Months

A Note About Annual Percentage Rates

While nominal interest rates and annual percentage rates are accurate as of the date specified for the example provided, nomnal rates and annual percentage rates can and will be changed periodically and could be different based upon the unique circumstances of every loan application filed and the differing characteristics of the loan products offered or selected by the applicant(s).

Although this page is reviewed and updated with current rate and index information no less frequently than weekly, delays and op-edits can occur. For current nominal and annual percentage rates we suggest that you contact us.