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Debit Cards

It's Easier and Faster!

Your debit card offers you the convenience of checking plus the added value of safety, easy record keeping and affordability.

Your debit card can be used at millions of establishments and ATMs around the world.

Take Advantage of all the benefits, like:


  • Use money from your checking account without writing a check
  • Welcomed at places that won't accept checks
  • Faster and easier than writing a check
  • Access to cash throughout the United State and around the world
  • Joint account holders may each receive a card(no need to share one checkbook)
  • Make deposits (where allowed), withdrawals, transfers and inquiries at ATM terminals


  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash
  • Authorization process limits your risk for lost or stolen cards

Easy Record Keeping

  • Better way to keep track of your purchases
  • Receive receipts for every transaction
  • Each transaction appears on your monthly statement


  • Save on the cost of ordering checks
  • Tempo Bank's debit card - A Card That Offers Extraordinary Convenience and Purchase Capability.

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***Due to suspicious activity on several customer’s debit cards, we are forced to block use of debit cards in certain countries. Please call for details. Any purchases in person or via the internet will not post. If you are traveling to these places and will be using your debit card, please let us know so we can allow these transactions to go through.