Tempo Bank Effective Local Community

Tempo Bank, FSB is located in Trenton, Clinton County, Illinois, with one branch office located at Breese, Clinton County, Illinois, to serve its effective local community. Tempo Bank, FSB is also located within the boundaries of the East St. Louis Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area which is comprised of the counties of Monroe, St. Clair, Madison, and Clinton.

The effective local community for the Bank's fiscal year 2003 has been reviewed and revised by using ZIP CODE analysis of the loan portfolio. The new effective local community, as delineated, contains approximately 77% by number and 74% by dollar amount of the Bank's loans.

The boundaries of the effective local community are as follows:

"A roughly shaped oval within the counties of St. Clair to the West, Madison to the North and Clinton to the East which contains census tract numbers 4035.03, 4036, 4037, 5039, 5043.02, 5043.03, 5043.04, 5043.05, 9001, 9002, 9003, 9004 and 9006. These tracts are situated along or in close proximity to U.S. Highway 50 approximating the East/West center line of the oval. It contains both office locations of the Bank."

In this assessment area, no attempt was made to exclude neighborhoods containing low and moderate-income individuals. Further, the assessment area does not mean the Bank refuses to lend outside this area. We have and will continue to do so on a case-by-case basis provided the primary service area's needs have been met to the best of our knowledge.

As the Bank grows and operations necessarily expand, the assessment area of the Effective Local community may also need to be changed. The Board of Directors will regularly review the assessment area and make change when necessary.