Online Bill Pay

Pay your bills online!

Save money - No more stamps, no more envelopes, no more checks....

Paying your bills online is quick and easy. You can pay your bills electronically. Here's how easy it is:

Create your own personal list of payees by selecting them from a National List that's updated monthly or by entering the payee information yourself, if no match is found


Choose a payee, enter the dollar amount you're paying, and the transmit date of the payment.

Click "Submit" and, you're done!  It's that simple.

Tempo Bank recommends that you set all paper draft payments at least 7 business days before the due date stated on your invoice and 3 business days for electronic payments. Your account will be debited on the date that you select for the transmission of your payment.

Bill Payment services are FREE if you set up to use or are already using our Direct Deposit or MasterMoney® Debit Card services.

***Bill Pay is only available to U.S. residents.