Tempo Bank Fees
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Common Fees Associated with Individual and Household Savings Products
as of
November 1, 2015

Product or Service Category: Description of Product or Service Special Features Fee
Balance Inquiry
Cavion� Voice Banking


ATM Free
Check Cashing
(Established Account Holders)
With Sufficient Cover Balance Free
(Local Payroll with personal information verified through Bridger Security) $10.00
Checkbook Reconciliation Minimum One Hour $25.00 per hour
Closing Account

Within 6 months of opening

Collection Items Incoming/Outgoing $20.00
Convenience Checks
(Established Account Holders Only)
Counter/Official Checks (55+ Account Holders - no fee) $3.00
  Bank Money Orders (55+ Account Holders - no fee) $3.00
  Cashier Checks - Customer (55+ Account Holders - no fee) $7.00

Coupon Collection

Per item

Coverdraft $5.00 per day
Document Preparation

When not related to account opening

  $3.00 per document
FAX Services
Customer Incoming $0.50 per page
  Outgoing   $1.50 first page $0.50 thereafter
Non-Customer Incoming $1.00 per page
  Outgoing   $2.00 first page $1.00 thereafter
Notary Public Services

Per attestation signed

  $1.00 Free to customers
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF's) May be imposed for "created by check, in  other electronic covering NSF's person withdrawl, or means" $28.00
Photocopies (55+ Account Holders - no fee) $1.00 per page
Printed Checks   (55+ Account Holders - no fee on selected styles) Varies by style ordered

Deposit Return Checks

$3.00 per item

Temporary Checks
(Established Account Holders Only)

(If bulk ordered through Tempo - no charge)

Otherwise, $5.00 for 6 items

Account Activity Print

(per page)


Dormant Account Fee

(per month)


Processing Levy or Garnishment

(per levy)

Account Research Fee Minimum One Hour $25.00 per hour
Reopen Account Fee If reopened within 6 months   $5.00
Safe Deposit Boxes: 3" by 5" Annual $15.00

(Established Account Holders Only)

3" by 10" Annual $25.00
5" by 10" Annual $35.00
10" by 10" Annual $55.00
Late Payment Fee $5.00
Lost Key Charges $10.00
Drilling Charge $150.00
Special Account Statements $5.00
Stop Payment Orders   (55+ Account Holders - no fee) $25.00
Telephone Transfers

When assisted by an employee

(55+ Account Holders - no fee) $5.00
Cavion� Voice Banking Transfers

Automated Phone System

Domestic Wire Transfer Service

Customers Only

Incoming $25.00
Outgoing $25.00
International Wire Transfer Service

Customers Only

ATM/Debit Card Replacement $10.00 per card
Pin Replacement $3.00
Tempo Bank's 24 Hour ATM Expre$$ Usage:

Trenton and Breese ATM Machines

Cards issued by Tempo Bank
or Shazam Preferred Status Cards

No fee

Foreign Card Holders

Transaction Account
Maintenance Fees

LifesStyle Checking

Per statement cycle

No fee

Now Accounts

Per statement cycle on balances less than $500 (55+ Plus Account Holders - no fee)

No fee

Money Market Deposit Accounts (MMDA)

Per statement cycle

No fee
Illinois License Stickers 55+ Account Holders $2.00
All other customers $3.00
Non-account holders $5.00


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