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Voice Master
Tempo Bank's 24 Hour Voice Response System

Access your accounts 24 hours a day with Tempo Bank's VoiceMaster®  voice response system.  With VoiceMaster®, account information is at your fingertips anywhere there's a telephone any time day or night.  Look at what you can do:

Call 1-800-436-5104 to make inquiries about:

Deposit Services
Current and available balances
Deposit transaction information
Current and previous year-to-date interest

Mortgage and Consumer Loans
Account principal
Interest rate
Transaction activity
Current and previous year-to-date interest

Checking & History Detail
Last five transactions posted to your account
Confirmation of check clearings by check number
Free Fax back of an interim statement detailing the last 30 days of history for both checking and savings accounts

Transfer funds from anyone of your checking/savings to another

Whether you walk in the lobby or handle account processing over the phone with VoiceMaster® , Tempo Bank will be your financial services partner in meeting both your savings and lending needs.  Today and tomorrow we will have the service options to meet an ever-changing financial marketplace.


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